Spooky times at Halloween
Halloween is one of the Nation's favourite celebrations, with scary films for young and old, Halloween treats, pumpkin carving and fun costumes (who doesn't love a reason to ddress up!)... but when did it start and why do we celebrate?

When is Halloween and how did it start?

Halloween falls on 31st October and can be traced back to the ancient Celt festival of Samhain, when they believed the worlds of the living and dead collide. It also signified the end of the summer and the beginning of the dark cold winter. Large bonfires would be lit in the villages to ward off evil spirits and the hearth fire in all the homes would be re-lit with the embers from the bonfire to help protect and keep the people warm during the winter months.

Halloween pumpkin

Why is it called Halloween?

In the eighth century, November 1st was designated as All Hallows Day by Pope Gregory III and was celebrated in a similar way to Samhain with huge bonfires and costumes. The night before (October 31st) became known as All Hallows Eve, which is where the word ‘Halloween’ comes from.

Fire and red moon

How do we celebrate Halloween?

Trick or treating, making and wearing costumes, carving pumpkins, apple bobbing… there are many ways that Halloween is celebrated in the UK. Halloween parties have become particularly popular in recent years with ever more elaborate decorations and costumes.

In Mexico they celebrate El Dîa de Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) with festivals, sweets and images of fabulously decorated skulls and skeletons. In Japan, the Kawasaki Halloween Parade is one of the country’s most prestigious Halloween events, with around 4000 participants dressed in amazingly extravagant costumes.

Day of the dead biscuits

Planning a party this Halloween

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Thorntons Alphabet Truffles chocolates.

Why Thorntons

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