Exciting times leading up to the big day!
Advent calendars have been around for a number of years and there's nothing quite like the excitement of opening up an advent calendar every day until Christmas day finally arrives!

What is advent and when does it start?

The word advent comes from the Latin word adventus, meaning ‘coming’ and officially starts four Sundays before the 25th of December, with the lighting of candles, hanging of wreaths and singing of carols in preparation for all the festivities.

Christmas candles

What are advent calendars?

Although advent calendars as we currently know them are relatively new, the origins of this traditional countdown began in Germany in the 19th Century. Back then, each day of advent was marked by either burning a candle for the day or marking walls or doors with a line of chalk each day until Christmas day.

In the early 1850s, the first known handmade wooden advent calendar was created, then some 50 years later came the first printed calendars. Since that time the popularity and type advent calendars that are available have changed considerably! From what we consider the more traditional cardboard advent calendars with images behind each door, to the more elaborate type with 24 or 25 individual drawers, each hiding a small gift.

Open advent calendar

When did chocolate advent calendars become popular?

The first chocolate Advent calendar was made in 1958, but it wasn’t until the 1990’s that they became part of the festive traditions. Their popularity has seen many confectioners create Christmas themed chocolates and treats to hide behind every Advent calendar door for the countdown to the big day, some with additional doors for the 25th as an extra little gift.

Chocolates on a plate

A Thorntons Christmas countdown

With years of chocolate crafting experience, who wouldn’t love a Thorntons chocolate Christmas countdown… with a delicious chocolate hidden behind every door. You can also personalise your advent calendar with a tag!

Thorntons Advent Calendars.

Why Thorntons

For over a century, Thorntons has specialised in crafting high quality chocolate sweets, toffee, fudge and other confectionary.

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