Thorntons Pearls - Share the Delight
Backed by a century of chocolate-making expertise, each bite into a Thorntons Pearl reveals a delightful centre of taste and texture.

A moment of delight

Our Chocolate Makers have been perfecting their craft for over a century to bring you the very best delicious treats. And while Thorntons Pearls may be one of our more recent creations, they’ve fast become a firm favourite.

Each individually wrapped Thorntons Pearl has a smooth milk chocolate shell that reveals a delightful centre of taste and texture. Perfect for giving, sharing or as a treat for yourself, they add delight to any occasion or moment.

People sat around a small table sharing Thorntons Pearls.

Made for time together

We know the time you get to relax is precious, as is the time you get to spend with family or friends. Thorntons Pearls are designed to be savoured and shared, helping you make the most of every moment together. The only question is, will you pair them with an afternoon latte or an evening glass of Prosecco?

Three Thorntons Pearls chocolates in a line.

The Ulitmate 'just because' gift

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to show someone you care. Maybe you want to thank them, maybe they’ve had a tough few days, or maybe you just want to send a smile their way.

Whatever the reason, Thorntons Pearls make a delightful treat that’s always well received. After all, a little gesture goes a long way… especially when it tastes this good.


Two delightful centres

What makes Thorntons Pearls so irresistible? After extensive research, we can tell you it’s partly down to the contrast between the smooth milk chocolate shell and the delicious centre.

There are two Thorntons Pearls flavours to choose from: Salted Caramel Sensation balances the taste of caramel with a delicate hint of sea salt, while Hazelnut Delight contains a delicious praline centre enriched with roasted hazelnuts. Discover your favourite today.

A group of Thorntons Pearls chocolates on a marble surface.

Quality ingredients, always

With over 100 years of chocolate making expertise, we know that the smallest thing can make a difference, which is why we use only the best quality ingredients when crafting Thorntons Pearls.
Thorntons Pearls are made with only the finest ingredients, real sea salt, the most delicious hazelnuts and milk chocolate made with 100% cocoa butter.

Three Thorntons Pearls chocolates in a line on a marble surface.

Why Thorntons

For over a century, Thorntons has specialised in crafting high quality chocolate, sweets, toffee, fudge and other confectionery.

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