New baby gifts
Pass the love on and celebrate the cutest new arrival in town with our pick of the best chocolate gifts and treats for new parents.

Congratulations gifts for new parent

Whether it’s their first child or their fourth, becoming a parent can be one of the most magical experiences there is. So, if you’re looking for a unique way to congratulate the proud parents and welcome their gorgeous new arrival, a personalised new baby chocolate gift is a thoughtful gesture that’s sure to be appreciated.

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Thoughtful presents for new parents

New babies have a habit of stealing all the attention and cuddles… but don’t forget the ones who really needs spoiling right now. Being a new parent can be a demanding job, so treat them to a box of their favourite chocolates - it’s a show of support and solidarity that will go a long way.

Thorntons Classic Collection and Pearls chocolate boxes.

New parent pampering gifts to show how much you care

It’s well documented that most new parents don’t get much (if any) sleep. Those first few weeks are physically and emotionally tiring, so a delicious treat bag of their favourite chocolates could raise a smile. Or why not add some treats to your own pamper hamper of new-parent essentials?


Gifts for expecting parents

You’ve heard the news, now it’s time to share in the excitement!

Whether you’re attending a baby shower or simply want to congratulate the parents-to-be on their happy announcement, a hand-iced, personalised new baby chocolate gift makes a delicious way to celebrate.

Thorntons Chocolate Bottle Model.

Thank you gifts for midwifes

Where would we be without our wonderful midwives? They work long, unsociable hours and often go above and beyond to give every mother and baby the best possible care.

And while they deliver hundreds of babies, you’ll never ever forget the way they helped bring yours into the world.

Whether you opt for a small, personal token of thanks or a bigger selection for a team to share, they’ll really appreciate a surprise gesture.

Thorntons Pearls.
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