All wrapped up
Who can resist opening a fabulously wrapped gift? Beautiful paper, a simple ribbon and bow, a tag with your name… the excitement of receiving a wrapped gift is like no other.

When did wrapping gifts start?

The giving and receiving of gifts dates back thousands of years, and it is believed that in China and Japan, reusable cloths were originally used to wrap gifts. However, in the UK, it is a relatively more recent tradition which became popular in the Victorian era, when gifts would be wrapped in thick, decorative paper, lace and ribbons. A little later tissue paper became a popular choice when more people began wrapping gifts, until the invention of specially designed and printed gift wrap in the late 1910s..

Why do we wrap gifts?

As we’ve discovered, the idea of ‘wrapping’ gifts has been around for a long time… but why do we do it? There’s more to it than simply making something look pretty. The concept of keeping the gift hidden until the right time adds to the anticipation we feel when we’re handed a beautifully wrapped present, or the excitement when we watch someone open the gift we’ve carefully chosen for them. It also makes the gift feel more considered and personal when it has been carefully wrapped – it’s the finishing touches that make all the difference.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or even a simple thank you, a beautifully wrapped gift brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Send a ready wrapped gift

Here at Thorntons, we’ve been creating delicious chocolate gifts for many years, and adding our beautiful gift wrap to the chocolates you’ve chosen specifically for them, makes for the perfect ready wrapped gift. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to send a gift… have it delivered direct to their door to surprise them, or to yours so you can give it to them personally – whichever you choose, we’ve got it all wrapped up.

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For over a century, Thorntons has specialised in crafting high quality chocolate sweets, toffee, fudge and other confectionary.

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