Easter fun and games
Pick up a basket or bucket and set off on a hunt… who doesn’t love hunting for treasure, especially when it involves chocolate! But it doesn’t have to be just chocolate eggs… handmade decorated eggs, fluffy little chicks and delicious chocolate eggs and bunnies – it’s a fabulous time to have some fun.


Why do we have Easter egg hunts?

Hundreds of years ago, eggs were saved throughout Lent and enjoyed once again on Easter Sunday. Any eggs laid that week would be beautifully decorated and given to children as gifts. Although it’s origins aren’t fully known, it’s believed that the Easter bunny first made its appearance in the 1700s. According to German folklore, it laid colourful eggs in nests made especially by children, who were then encouraged to find the eggs it had left… and the yearly tradition of the Easter egg hunt was born.

Girl holding Easter egg hunt basket

Indoors or outdoors

As we all know, the weather can’t be guaranteed, so, even if rain stops play outside, we can still enjoy an egg hunt indoors – there’s plenty of places to hide those little Easter surprises, and maybe even a ‘star’ prize for those who are ‘eggs-tra’ good at hunting!

Easter egg hunt basket

Give them a clue

While some may prefer to simply search to find, adding some clues can be a fun way to give them some help… going from clue to clue, maybe with a few little Easter surprises along the way, until they reach the final one for their special chocolate Easter egg or bunny. Or perhaps a trail of footprints to follow, but which one will they choose and which one will lead to the prize? Or maybe it’s a race to find a golden ticket for a bigger surprise… there’s no limit to what you can do.

Turn left sign

Easter egg hunt prizes

Here at Thorntons we have been crafting and hand-icing our delicious chocolate Easter eggs since 1922 – and that’s a lot of eggs! With our choice of chocolate eggs and bunny models, there’s something to please anyone when they reach their special surprise at the end of their Easter Egg Hunt! With milk and white chocolate eggs, with beautiful coloured chocolate decoration for the children, or milk, dark or white eggs for the older ones and we mustn’t forget the Classic or Continental eggs, completed with an assortment of delicious chocolates – grown-ups like to join in the fun too! Or maybe consider one of fabulous hampers or bundles for plenty of treats this Easter.

Mixed children's Easter eggs

Why Thorntons

For over a century, Thorntons has specialised in crafting high quality chocolate sweets, toffee, fudge and other confectionary.

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