Fabulous chocolate hampers for any occasion
There’s something incredibly exciting about the delivery of a hamper to your door… whether you expected it or not – but if it’s a surprise, that just adds to the excitement! Hampers have existed for hundreds of years, yet they are still a wonderful gift for any occasion.

When were hampers first introduced in the UK?

The word ‘hamper’ comes from an old-French word, ‘hanapier’, meaning a case for the goblets and it is believed that hampers were first introduced in the UK in 11th Century by William the Conqueror. These wicker baskets were filled with food, drinks and, in some cases clothing, and given to families in need

A Thorntons Chocolate Hamper.

Why do we give hampers?

Hampers became popular in the Victorian period as the Industrial Revolution had seen the improvement of transportation, which meant it was now faster and easier to transport fresh foods across the country. As a result, upper and middle-class families would fill wicker baskets, previously used to simply carry food and drinks, with luxury food and products which were then given as gifts, particularly as Christmas gifts.

Hampers were also often gifted to servants and employees, usually on Boxing Day, filled with festive foods, and sometimes clothing, so that everyone had plenty of food to enjoy with their families over the festivities.

A Thorntons Chocolate Hamper.

Hampers today

Today, the tradition of giving hampers as gifts has very much continued, but it is no longer something that is only associated with Christmas or confined to food and drink. However, whether you’re opening a wicker basket of delicious treats or a beautiful box of fabulous pamper gifts, the excitement and anticipation of what’s hidden inside remains the same.

A Thorntons Chocolate Hamper.


Filled with wonderful treats and delivered directly to their door, our chocolate hampers are a fabulous way to celebrate any occasion… birthdays, anniversaries or as a thank you. From chocolate favourites to Prosecco, there’s something in our hamper range to suit everyone’s tastes, with delicious seasonal hampers available for Christmas and Easter!

Why not treat someone to something extra special!


Why Thorntons

For over a century, Thorntons has specialised in crafting high quality chocolate sweets, toffee, fudge and other confectionary.

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