Chocolate Block Collection

What better way to relax and unwind than by unwrapping a deliciously thick chocolate block from Thorntons.
Whether a small gift for a loved one, or an equally indulgent treat for yourself, there’s a chocolate block for every little occasion.

Little treats to give, share and enjoy

Our pleasingly chunky chocolate blocks are perfect for whenever you need a little treat with eight delicious flavours to choose from.

Perfect to enjoy whenever you need a moment to unwind. They’re just as good with an evening film or an afternoon coffee, shared with a friend or as a treat for yourself.

An assortment of broken and whole Thorntons Chocolate Blocks with some mint, chilli and slices of orange; all on a marble surface.


Nothing but a thick, chunky block of our signature milk chocolate, made to give, share or enjoy however you like.

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple. This thick chocolate slab lets you enjoy our finely tuned milk chocolate recipe in its purest form.   Created to make everyday moments feel a little more luxurious, our chocolate blocks are the ultimate coffee-break treat. Each block snaps into 14 satisfying chunks, to be savoured as a treat or shared with someone you really, really like.   If you’re giving as a gift, we suggest stacking a few different flavours together to create a mini tasting library.

Overhead of a milk chocolate Thorntons Chocolate Block on a marble surface.

70% Dark

Rich and sophisticated, this 70% dark chocolate is perfect whenever you need a little treat.

If milk chocolate is the popular one, dark chocolate is the sophisticated older sibling. Simple and luxurious, our 70% dark chocolate is bursting with aromatic cocoa for a gloriously rich, rounded flavour.



Rich dark chocolate with cool, refreshing mint, in a chunky block to enjoy after dinner.

We’ve taken our gloriously rich 70% dark chocolate and elevated the flavour with the addition of crisp, refreshing mint. It may be a classic after-dinner pairing, but we think it tastes just as good at other times of the day too.



Chunky milk chocolate swirled with crunchy honeycomb pieces, created to give, share or enjoy.

A chunky slab of our deliciously smooth milk chocolate is swirled through with golden honeycomb pieces for a light, crunchy texture and a touch of caramelised sweetness.



Smooth milk chocolate, juicy orange and crispy waffle pieces, wrapped up in a chunky block to give or keep.

It’s the careful blend of tastes and textures that makes this chocolate block so irresistible. Bright citrus flavours, smooth, creamy milk chocolate and deliciously light, crispy waffle pieces all come together to make something very special indeed.


Salted Pistachio

Smooth, creamy milk chocolate and lightly salted pistachio pieces make for the perfect balance of flavours and textures.

Combining smooth, creamy milk chocolate with the delicate crunch of lightly salted pistachio pieces, this chunky block of chocolate achieves the perfect balance of flavours and textures.



Take a moment out of your day to enjoy this rich, aromatic chocolate block with hot, fiery ginger.

Dark chocolate lovers rejoice: we’ve taken our rich 70% dark chocolate and paired it with fiery, aromatic ginger, adding a deliciously sweet finish and unmistakable warming aftertaste.



Deliciously rich and aromatic with a hint of chilli, this 70% dark chocolate block is perfect for those who delight in big, bold flavours.

Deliciously rich and aromatic, our smooth 70% dark chocolate is infused with a hint of chilli, for a kick of fiery heat that balances out the sweetness. It’s the perfect choice for those who delight in big, bold flavours, or simply want to try something different.


Why Thorntons

For over a century, Thorntons has specialised in crafting high quality chocolate sweets, toffee, fudge and other confectionary.

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