The art of chocolate making

No matter which one is your favourite, we put a lot of love and passion into everything we create.

Creating the chocolates you know and love

Our dedicated Chocolate Makers take all their experience and expertise to ensure all our chocolates are delicious from the first bite to the last.

Creating fabulous centres and flavours, perfectly paired with smooth milk, creamy white or rich dark chocolate, resulting in our beautifully crafted much-loved chocolate ranges.

From caramels to fabulously decadent ganache, there are a wealth of flavours and textures, which are infused, enrobed or moulded to enhance your Thorntons chocolate experience.

Thorntons chocolate maker piping chocolate on a Continental lemon mousse

Understanding textures and flavours

With so many potential flavour combinations and textures, our Chocolate Makers work tirelessly to create delicious flavour and texture profiles to delight the senses.

Drawing from their experiences and knowledge, considering how the final chocolate will be enjoyed, ensuring the right balance between the delicious centre and the type of chocolate it will be lovingly coated in… there is much more to creating our much-loved chocolates than meets the eye.

Continental Salted Caramel chocolates grouped on a marble table

Crafting our chocolates

A little added crunch from added wafer or nuts, the melt-in-the-mouth texture from a beautifully created ganache, deliciously light textured mousses… are all considerations when crafting our chocolates.

From our distinctively flavoured, soft, buttery caramel, with its smooth texture, perfectly paired with a delicious milk chocolate, to a zingy lemon mousse encased in white chocolate, creating the ideal flavour balance, our chocolates are created with those who love our confectioneries in mind.

Thorntons Classic Crunchy Praline chocolate ona marble table being sprinkled with roasted almonds
What's the difference...
between moulded and enrobed chocolate?

Moulded chocolates

Moulded chocolates are simply that – the shell of the chocolate is cast in a specially created mould, which is then filled with a delicious centre and sealed, this gives the chocolate its distinctive shape, whether it be a swirl, a cup or intricately decorated.

a moulded smooth milk chocolate swirl

Enrobed chocolates

Enrobing involves the centre being placed on a chocolate disc this is then passed under a river of chocolate which coats, or enrobes, the centre. These are then ‘agitated’ to remove any excess chocolate, followed by adding chocolate loops, drizzles, sprinkles or dusting to create the final finished chocolates, giving them their distinctive appearance.

Thorntons milk chocolate drizzled on chocolates on a marble table

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