Hazelnut Delight

A smooth milk chocolate shell with a deliciously delightful praline filling, enriched with roasted hazelnuts. Perfect for sharing,

Thorntons Pearls make time together even more delightful.


Delicious centre inside

Each individually wrapped Thorntons Pearl has been carefully crafted to reveal a delightful flavour and contrast in textures that’s simply irresistible.

Every Thorntons Pearl has a smooth milk chocolate outer shell, that hides a delicious centre inside.

Overhead of three Hazelnut Delight Pearls chocolates.


This delightfully delicious praline centre has been enriched with roasted hazelnuts, for a richer, perfectly balanced flavour, with a melt-in-the-mouth finish.

Backed by a century of British chocolate-making, each bite into a Thorntons Pearl reveals a delightful centre of taste and texture.

With a smooth chocolate shell and a delightful centre of taste and texture, Thorntons Pearls are a delicious treat that are perfect for giving, sharing or keeping as a treat just for you.


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